SUPER STICKY TAPE - Perform Athletics
SUPER STICKY TAPE - Perform Athletics
SUPER STICKY TAPE - Perform Athletics
SUPER STICKY TAPE - Perform Athletics
SUPER STICKY TAPE - Perform Athletics
SUPER STICKY TAPE - Perform Athletics


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Perform Weightlifting Tape made stickier than ever!

Designed specially for those that look for that optimal stickiness. the same old tape you're used to except we've upgraded the glue we use on the inside part of our tape to make it stickier than ever & also super sweat proof!

This tape sticks like a glue.

This version had been tested & was approved by Games Athlete Antony Haynes.

STRETCHY & ADHESIVE: Experience the perfect balance of stretch and extreme adhesion, ensuring this tape stays firmly in place throughout your entire session.

INCREDIBLY EASY TO APPLY: This tape is user-friendly and effortless to use. Simply pull the tape and adhere it to any friction-prone area, like your thumb using the hook grip, preventing discomfort and potential sores or calluses.

HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Setting it apart from others in the market, this premium weightlifter's tape was designed by athletes for athletes. Its top-grade manufacturing includes both horizontal and vertical threading, guaranteeing maximum coverage and outstanding durability.

COMFORTABLE & PROTECTIVE: Providing the ideal amount of cushioning where you need it most, this tape keeps your thumbs and fingers well-protected and comfortable while you push through your gym workouts.

STRONGER GLUE: Endorsed by Crossfit Games Athlete Anthony Haynes, this tape is approved for hardcore use, boasting a stronger adhesive to handle intense activities and competitions.

Measurements: 5cm x 4.5m
Colour: they come in salmon red.

We guarantee your satisfaction!

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