Perform Women's Barbell - Black - Perform Athletics
Perform Women's Barbell - Black - Perform Athletics

Perform Women's Barbell - Black

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For home gym use or for commercial affiliate use, for Crossfit training or just for HIIT workouts Perform Crossfit Barbell will be your ultimate choice. 10NK with 5 needle bearing on each side & a standard 25mm with a grooved sleeves spec to stop the plates from easily slipping out of the shaft.

Perform Women's mix-use bar featuring a copper bushing with medium knurling. This makes this barbell ideal for olympic lifting, Cross-training & suitable for powerlifting.

This barbell comes with a matte black finish & six sections of knurling meaning you'll have the official dual markings.


 Use Mixed use
Colour Matte Black
Weight 15kg (33lb)
Length 2100mm
Diameter 25mm
Bushing/Bearing 10NK Copper Steele Bushing
Sleeves Ribbed Yes
Knurl Medium
Centre Knurl No
Knurl Markings Dual Markings (IPF & IWF)
Max Load 1,500lbs
Tensile Strength 240 KPSI
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